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Aloe Based & oil Free Serves as a pre-sunless hydration spray Clinically proven skin conditioning spray Balances skins pH levels allowing the bronzing solution to adhere better creating a more even tan Disperses natural oils already on the skin leading to a more even spray application


World renowned bronzing solution is made up of 70% natural ingredients Contains DHA (sugar cane extract) and Erythrulose (beet extract) to create colour Quick absorbing and quick drying results result in a more even fading of the spray tan No streaking, blotchiness or 'Orange' effect!


An invigorating blend of natural skin soothing botanicals Skin firming treatment which hydrates the sunless tan to seal it and help it last longer Leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and re-energized!

Versa Spa Spray Tanner

VersaSpa has combined innovation after innovation to create the world's first automatic skin treatment that helps you to bronze, hydrate, and smooth your skin in just 60 seconds.

Innovations like a wide open interior design, an EZ-2Breathe™ purification system, Comfort-Dry™ technology, and an intelliSENSE™ control system.It's still sunless tanning but revolutionized through advanced science. VersaSpa™ also features three different full-body skin treatments, allowing each guest to customize their tanning application. They can choose from a pre-sunless hydration spray, a skin bronzing solution, or an anti-aging moisturizer. The list of features goes on, and the list of benefits is even longer. VersaSpa™ has changed the face of the sunless tanning industry with a variety of innovations. We invite you to experience VersaSpa™ for yourself. And when you're finished, you'll never look at sunless tanning the same again. The VersaSpa is God's gift to the tanning industry!!!